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Current City: Sydney

New blog post up yall, check it out!!

That’s what I just changed my current city status to on Facebook, which obviously means it’s official: I’m in Australia yall! I’m taking some time to have an adventure just for me during my gap year. I’m currently an au pair in Sydney, Australia, and I’ll be with this same family for about 3 to 4 months total. I’ve been here for roughly 2 days, so I’m still getting settled in, but I’ve finished…

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10 years ago today, filming began on a brand new series of Doctor Who, starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler!

can I passively aggressively point out the way the shot is set up to make both of them equal including cancelling out the height difference and you really couldn’t tell who was meant to be the main character by looking at this photo? (Because of course they’re both the main character and of equal importance rose tyler Ninth doctor (via pygmy-of-triviality)